How to regain focus on sketchup to use shortcut keys without clicking

Hello All,

seems stupid but: how do you regain shortcuts control after clicking on something in the Tray? for instance:
i want to edit a nested group in Outliner. I expand the Outliner, navigate to the group, double click it and its group is opened for editing. Now i want to use the Push tool to push a face. If i dont click on anything else i cant activate my shortcut because the Tray has the focus. If I click somewhere outside of my editable group then the group closes automatically, I have to click on something inside the group in order to get focus back on the main window to then use a shortcut key. Just wondering if there is an alternate way. I feel like i could use a few less clicks in my day.

We have a fairly long list of issues like that, which we do (hopefully) then fix. I tried your example steps, and sure enough in the version you’re using it does require the extra click to get focus back. In the one I’m using it doesn’t, pressing P immediately gives me the push pull tool.

I can’t yet tell you a date when you will be using the version I have.

Meanwhile, just click the scroll wheel to get focus without actually clicking anywhere.

SO this was working in earlier versions? ( I thought it was but wasn’t sure) Good to hear that a fix is somewhere down the line. Hey Colin, can you confirm that the Outliner group name craziness is also fixed? this issue:

excellent, it works!

2024 seems to have fixed this.

On macOS, this has been an issue since SU 2021, and still in 2024. Some list views in floating palette windows steal focus from the main window for no good reason (the only thing that should take focus is text entry, and should release it when return/enter is pressed). Seriously this is like hundreds or even thousands of useless clicks per day, and if not for the performance hit of running an Intel app, I’d go back to 2020 in a heartbeat.

Here’s a video of simply clicking on a tag name (same happens when clicking the eye icon) in 2020 vs 2024. Note the lack of focus ring around the list in 2020.

Note the attempts to use shortcuts in the bottom right.

Where this is broken or inconsistent on Mac:

Tags window steals focus from main window when clicking anywhere in the list (this did not happen pre-2021)

Outliner also steals focus when selecting objects in the list, but oddly takes an extra click to first focus the outliner before being able to select objects there.

Scenes window does not steal focus when clicking in the list view, but tabbing past the text entry fields used to allow pressing shortcuts in 2020 (same with entity info). Now we have to click in the main window first.

Shadows window doesn’t release focus from text fields with either tab or enter.

Components window allows tabbing to controls other than text fields (when set in system settings), but styles does not. Neither releases focus to shortcuts, but does to clicks in the main window.

Please fix this, and please don’t make us wait until 2025+. It’s a huge time waster, and I already instinctively know when the extra clicks are needed. I can only imagine how it must feel for new users not knowing why half of their clicks or shortcuts aren’t working.

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