How to UNSELECT everything in one or few clicks without clicking outside the model?

I am working on a huge project for myself for over a year. I have many many groups and subgroups and layers galore and saved views.
BUT often I want to just get out of it all and go into another view. Till now I only found to zoom out an click on the outside of my model several times to UNSELECT all the groups and subgroups to get to the whole of the project.
I have googled UNSELECT many times but all tutorials are about SELECTING no one seems to approach my issue in any way.
You can help? Thank you very much .

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Pressing Esc?

As well as pressing ESC…
Use the Outliner and click up the hierarchy to exit the current editing-context.
Or use the menu item “Edit > Close Group/Component” - you can also make a shortcut to that…
It’s also available in the context-menu while in an edit if nothing is selected [Ctrl+T]…

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On a Mac, there’s a Select None (command-shift-A), the counterpart to Select All (command-A). It’s under the Edit menu; not sure if the same exists on the Windows version.

OK Thank you now I feel numb dumb :slight_smile: I don’t know it never came to my mind its a key I use near to never in Sketchup

Thank you very much, as I said to the top comment reply I never use escape in Sketchup don’t really know why.

Esc doesn’t work on a Mac. Command-shift-A saved me. I may have even learned that from monospaced a while back. Funny since most Mac shortcuts are second nature to me, but “unselect all” isn’t needed in most other apps because almost any click will undo select all.

The initial question remains unanswered for the web version, SketchUp Free.

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(‘Selection’ tool selected):
Click on a single face > while holding down [Shift] repeat clicking on that single face to unselect

Back in the old days PushPull had no pre-selection support, but instead emptied the selection whenever activated. I’ve learned to press P whenever I want to empty the selection and even often press P followed by Space between operations. Luckily for me the old behavior of disabling PushPull pre-selection can be activated in Preferences. If you aren’t already “addicted” to this method learning Ctrl+Shift+A or Ctrl+T might be a better idea as it is the intended way.


[P] > [Spacebar] is the way to go, even if not intended.
Since I can use other options in the desktop versions I forgot all about it and had to come up with the “intended” unselect version.

But it does not close the edit context, so …
(on Windows desktop editions) follow up the CTRL+T with ALT+E then o

Related is a code example I once posted to create a close all edits command …

Once created and added to a menu, a shortcut keychord can be assigned.

Clicking on the model at the top of the Outliner’s hierarchy will close the edit and any nested context’s back to the model.
And of course clicking on something within that hierarchy jumps to that edit-context too.

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Hello Now that I have tried to apply to your advice I’d like to state when I am deep inside the model say under multiple groups one click “escape” still does NOT “deselect” everything!
I have to click repeated “escape” to get totally out of it.

So use my “Outliner” solution…

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