How to Close All Active Edits?

There’s got to be a simple answer to this?
When editing a model in SU, How do you get back to no selection without having to click somewhere that is not on top of your model. In other words the model is blown up and covers the screen but I just want to go back to un-clicking on anything. Just hitting the arrow key doesn’t back take me all the way out?
Thanks, Billy G

Did you try the Esc key?

Escape doesn’t do it on my computer?


I get this: Double click a few times to get all the way in. Esc several times to get all the way out.

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Thanks Let me try that - its a rather large file

By the way - How do you upload those nice demonstration videos on here?

Maybe you need to hit Esc more?

Are you still using SU2014?

It’s a secret. If I told you…:smiley:

I use LICEcap to make the GIF. Then just upload it as if uploading an image or a SketchUp file.

Control-A selects All, Control-shift-A selects None.

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Is LiceCap Free - and where is the direct download site?

I was able to back out of a group by using your suggestion. tks, but not on an exploded section

I don’t see Ctrl+Shift+A doing anything on my PC.

It is free. A quick Google search will turn it up.

Define “exploded section”.

If you explode a group or component, you cannot unexplode it without using Undo. Of course that’ll undo any changes you made.

You shouldn’t need to explode a group or component to make changes to it.

I was taking a guess, it’s command-shift-a on Mac. What is the menu item below Select All in the Windows version?

Found it out. On Windows it’s Control-T.

windows thanks again …

But that won’t back you out of an open group or component.

I reckon you could click on nothing in the outliner window if you had it open.


The question was only how do you get to having no selection.


This implies to me that Billy wants to get out of group/component edit mode, too.

Ya Contrl T!! thanks Colin!

Funny how such a little thing is common to others

Yes, I agree, hadn’t noticed that part. But: “Ya Contrl T!! thanks Colin!” sounds like control-t will do for now.