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Hello from DT Raleigh and NC museum of history! I am working on a digital twin of the museum and have multiple groups and sub groups. I’m wondering if there is, or it would be possible to set up, a key command to back out of all groups in lieu of zoom out>click outside of group? Thanks in advance! Bryan

Esc will back you out one level at a time. Will that do what you want?

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If you go back to the select tool after an action ( so the select tool is active) hitting Enter will get you inside and Escape will get you out of there.

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Are you looking for something like this:


Copy and paste this code to Ruby Console, then hit Return.

def close_and_zoomout
  Sketchup.active_model.active_path = nil

Will work only if SU version >=2020.

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Wow, what a dolt! Not sure how I missed that! That is exactly what I want. delete delete delete! Thanks y’all!

Yes! Alas I have 2021

I’ve tried Esc in the past but did not realize you have to hit the space bar or be in select tool before Esc. Cheers!

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I assigned F2 to Deselct All, F1 to the Selection Tool, and Escape is next to that. Three fingers of the left hand in that corner of the keyboard do three commands and keep backing out of nested groups in a second.

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