Escape Key from Selection, Group, Component etc

I’m back on Sketchup after a break from the office and have recently upgraded to Sketchup 2017. It seems like I can no longer use the escape key to release a selection (or back out of a group, component etc. to the main model). Was the whole thing just a dream, or do I have to change a setting somewhere? Thanks in advance.

Escape works to back out of open nested components/groups. I don’t think it ever work to deselect selected entities, though. It does reset a tool such as the anchor point for the Rotate or Move tools. It stop drawing with the Line tool.

If it doesn’t work for you, it would make me wonder if you installed SketchUp correctly. Did you right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator?

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Esc has never emptied the selection in SU. When select tool is active however it is used to close the open group/component. In other tools it aborts the ongoing tool operation and resets the tool to a fresh state.

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ctrl + t is the default for deselect.

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[Esc] does empty the selection when an edit tool is selected except for the ‘Rotate’ tool.
And as mentionend, except for with the 'Selection tool selected.
In all cases [Ctr+T] (default, as Box mentioned.

Thanks for the responses, looks like my shortcut fingers were trying to use Vectorworks shortcuts in Sketchup, meh. Ctrl T is the answer.

Right, resetting Edit Tools to a clean state involves emptying the selection. However Esc has never been a universal shortcut for emptying the selection.

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