SketchUp exiting edit group after a single action

A customer is reporting that since installing 2020.2, trying to do multiple actions inside a group is exiting the group after the first action. This is in Windows 7, and I have tested that, and don’t see the issue.

Have any of you see something on those lines?

I’ve never seen that. Have you tried watching them work to see if it’s something they are doing?

hello, I’m using 2020.2 on windows 7 and never had a problem like this. Do you have anything more precise than “action” ?

Examples he gave included push pull or move. I sent him a screen recording done in Windows 7, that shows it behaving normally.

The user is not subconsciously pressing ESCape after completing the action, perhaps?

Esc only works when on the Select tool. He would have to subconsciously press the spacebar, then the Esc key.

Is the cursor inside the gray bounding editing box?
Could be hardware related, too

Clicking outside of the bounding box only works with the Select tool. He says the problem only started with 2020.2. I may ask if he has 2019 still installed, and to see if that is behaving itself.

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