How to exit edit group mode



Hello I am Omar, I am new to the forum. Really enjoying SketchUp.

I edited a group, (Right click - Edit group)
But, I don’t know how to exit from that mode. Can anybody help me? It’ll be a pleasure.

Thank you,
Omar K.


The easy way is to click with the Select tool outside the group. Or you can right click and choose to exit edit mode by selecting Close group.


Thank you, I double clicked outside the group…

Appreciate it! :smile::smile:


Single click would be adequate.


Two comments:

  • you don’t have to double-click to exit edit mode. A single click will suffice provided it is outside the group’s bounding box
  • To get the context menu with “Close group” you must right-click off of any of the group’s geometry. If you right-click with the cursor over any element of the group’s geometry you will get a different menu relevant to that element, not to closing the group edit.


Thank, you for your answer. It’s working Appreciate it! :grinning::+1:


You can also press Esc to exit, but only when the Select Tool is active.


Another option I use especially when deep inside many groups/components is to assign a shortcut key to the “edit/close group/ component” command. Access it through “window/preferences/shortcuts”. I assigned ctrl+D for this.


To start editing the group, select it and press ‘Enter’. It will save you some more clicks!
(This is one of the benefits of using groups,:wink: @DaveR)


It works on components, too. :wink:


And Click tap is so much easier on your hand than double click.:rofl:


Thank you so much @MikeWayzovski for the tips!

Appreciate it!!