Better way of exiting component edit

At this point the only two ways I know of exiting the component or group edit mode is to configure double tap, or to click outside bounding box with the select or lasso tool.

I’m very prone on accidental double taps and I also think lasso is more natural with the pencil, so the method I use is lasso.

Lasso only works if no modifier is applied though. If +, -, or +/- is active I can’t exit.

We need better ways to exit:

  • a floating button?
  • a breadcrumb menu?
  • any more?

You make a good point about being able to exit by tapping away from a component even while a modifier is active. That’s something we could play with.
We also have a ticket on the roadmap to wire up Cmd+period to act as a keyboard shortcut for Escape (per iOS guidelines). :person_shrugging:t2: But I know that it would be best to have a nice way to handle this regardless of whether there’s a keyboard.

I use the Esc key on desktop to exit groups and components. As a larger question, I keep wishing for some easy way to have Enter and Escape with one click or gesture (which could stray off topic which I tend to do).

The idea of a breadcrumb menu to navigate the tree structure of a SketchUp model in a compact way is an interesting idea. In fact, I think all versions would be improved if the Outliner palette had a breadcrumb line at the top.

Thanks Robert. Noted, for when we dig into the outliner on iPad.

FWIW, we did wire up the 2-finger tap multitouch gesture to equate to both escape and undo. It doesn’t solve Joao’s original question re: escape as it relates to closing object wrappers, but it does come in super handy when using tools. It a tool operation is in progress 2-finger tap = cancel. If no tool operations are in progress, 2-finger tap = undo.

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I started thinking maybe the Undo and Redo buttons could do double duty by becoming Esc and Enter while in the middle of an operation (and change somehow graphically to indicate that), then I realized that wouldn’t solve this specific request because once you finish an operation both Undo and Escape (exit to next context level up) are valid choices.


Yup, I don’t use the keyboard. If I’m modeling with keyboard I go to the desktop. I’m using Sketchup for iPad a lot (since you’ve updated the toolbar), for conceptual work, 2D and drawing on top of models, and presentations and I want a different thing from it than using keyboard.

I consider at this point, that iPadSU is already much better than Shapr3D for modeling with the pencil and touch. But it can be so much more if you take better advantage of our resources.

If the Pencil is available what could we do with touch input?

  • One tap, two taps, 3 taps for selection while other tool is active?
  • Hold down one finger and Pencil for shift locking or adding other objects to selection.
  • Old down two fingers and tap…
  • Gestures?

I don’t know, something intuitive so we can model in the garden without keyboard…

There should be ways to make things simpler using combos between touch and pencil. Double Tap the Pencil while touching the screen?

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I am with you Joao. My use of sketchup for iPad is strictly pen and fingers. Otherwise if I need more umph I go to desktop.
I did discover that holding two fingers on a selected object sends a “zoom” window over the object. Was this intended?

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@OmarC that’s an old experiment that we haven’t yet documented (or removed).
It’s a complex UX pattern that is difficult to even describe, but I’ll give it a go…
Long-press with 2 fingers to bring up a magnifying loop (to assist with precision).
You can then drag with those 2 fingers held down to find the inference for the start point of an operation.
When you let up with your 2 fingers, that then sets the first point of the operation.
You can then take your pick of multitouch (or pencil) inputs for the second point of the operation (one-finger tap, one-finger long-press & release, two-finger long-press & release, etc).

@JQL points taken re: ways to allow touch for more than just navigation if/when the pencil is in use… taking some notes about that.

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So that’s how to activate that lens. It was poping up sometimes but I couldn’t understand how, or why, or what to do with it.

I even searched iPadOS settings for how to turn it off.

I’m going to give it a go.

@MikeTadros thanks for the follow. Interesting idea, seems hard to control however, would be goo to explore what other functions you can get with Apple Pencil while holding a finger or two on the screen.

I hate to suggest it, but I’ve wondered about simply tapping with one finger of the weak hand while positioning the cursor with the pencil just to accomplish a simple click. At first I was thrilled with the idea of pressure sensitivity as a way of achieving mouse clicks, but after a while, it started feeling tedious. With that, I can see the appeal of wanting to use Just Draw all the time like @JQL, but I find I can’t get very far with Just Draw, unless I’m missing something.

As a side thought: One of the things Alfred Scott implemented with Wild Tools (plugins for PowerCADD) was implement sound effects with a lot of tools. For example, the cutting tool sounds like scissors when it cuts. Maybe the option for a mouse click sound when you’ve achieved enough pressure to trigger a click would be good feedback?

I can do everything with just draw this days, it is rather intuitive actually. Some tools have not been perfected yet, but they work well.

Agreed. I feel just draw is very intuitive. Except for the protractor inferencing. It just doesn’t give you much of a chance to inference on a plane before deciding to place the protractor on the surface. To switch back to click draw click just for that is a buzz kill.

I keep messing up with the protractor even in click draw mode. Not sure why.

In just draw mode, how can you start anything with inferencing?

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I think breadcrumbs is an idea well worth exploring, also on desktop.


I am voting on breadcrumbs! along with the outliner of course!