Disable leaving group by clicking outside while Hide rest of model is active


When i edit a group and have the rest of the model hidden, i often accidentally close it by clicking outside.
I wish i could kind of “lock” the group to stay open until i explicitly close it.
that could be done by not having an “outside” as long as the rest of the model is hidden…
Maybe a plugin could do that?

At the moment i mainly run into this while trying to select a section plane, but when i try to click it’s border, i often click outside the group, and my whole model gets visible again, which is quite complicated to overview, almost impossible to select the desired section plane…


Don’t try to click on the section plane’s border, just on its plane. ‘Entity Info’ will tell you whether selecting it has been successful.

p.s. double clicking on the section plane toggles its activity on/off. This may also be of some help to indication there is a section plane right there.
And ‘Undo’ will get you one step back into editing context.