On Section + Hide Rest of Model - Inconsistent and Annoying Behaviour


Hide Rest of model is very useful. It removes everything else in the model to allow us to work inside a specific object.

However, it doesn’t work well with section fills. The section fill vanishes, as the rest of the model, as it is supposed, but it still interferes with modelling. So making section fill vanish, in this case, it’s actually worse than letting it be visible.

You have to decide:

I think the logic should be, having the section face vanish and it wouldn’t interfere at all with the modelling actions,


You keep it visible, even if Hide Rest of Model is active and so, it can intefere with the modelling actions as usual.

This should be wysiwyg, if you see it it acts, if it’s hidden it’s like it’s not there, and it doesn’t interfere.

In the example below you can see me trying to measure a wall thickness with the tape measure tool. I cannot and so I have to activate back edges so I can nail the edge behind the section.

Thanks for your attention.

Does it help if you simply hit Hide Section Cut whilst you are inside the group?

That helps, but that’s the sort of workaround I have to do already and that one in particular, forces me to change current scene style. Not convenient. The best approach is to toggle back edges on and off, (which I use already for finding edges through walls) but what I really feel is that this is a bug that should be fixed.

It interferes with other things, like selecting through sections, and drawing rotated rectangles and many other situations that I cannot remember atm but keep poping up.