Section planing bug


I’m using web based Sketchup free and I’m having an occuring bug appearing sometimes when I rotate around in my model. All the sudden it’s like a section plane appears, cutting through the parts I’m trying to zoom in too, and when rotating even more the whole model gets cut through and gets hidden, not reappearing once I rotate back. I’ve looked around the model and can’t find any section planes added to the model (even tho the model itself seems to think there is one). Please see picture below for more info. Those anyone know what to know to get rid of this problem?

Thanks in advance!

That’s not a section plane. It’s called clipping. Do a search here on the forum for clipping and you will find a load of information.

First thing you should do is change the camera to Perspective and then hit Zoom Extents.

It’s generally better to leave the camera in Perspective when you are working on modeling. Save Parallel Projection for output.

Ah, thank you so much!! that worked! Way easier to model now once things doesn’t disappears all the time. :slight_smile: