"Hide rest of model" should hide section planes outside of scope

Hi all – now that section planes are “objects” they should respond to the “hide rest of model” functionality. I use this feature quite a lot to isolate the part of the model I am working and I am sure you do too. However, when I toggle section planes on, all of them show up which makes it difficult to work around in more complex models. I understand I can put them in tags and whatnot, but ideally if I am inside a nested group and toggle on “view > section planes” only the planes inside that group or nested deeper should show up.


Do you mean like this? It seems to me that the section plane outside the context is being hidden when I open the context of the box.

exactly like that, thanks, Dave – silly me. I am just now experimenting with this and didn’t realize my grouping was off and I had section planes in the world space. This topic can be closed.