Too Many Section Planes and They are too foggy to navigate around the model. any suggestion?



I do drafting/modeling for an interior designer and, when I need to adjust the section planes, it is a little difficult to navigate around the model to place the section planes at the right spots.

any way to make section planes more transparent or organize them in a way to see only a handful of them at a time?


What are you using your section planes for? Traditionally they are used to reveal structural build up. If you are using them for creating interior scenes, could you just place a camera in the right place, adjust it for height and field of view and set that for your scene?


Simple answer is to use scenes and layers: assign each plane to a separate layer, then create one scene per plane (with only that plane’s layer visible).

Also note that you don’t have to have section planes turned on for the section cut to be visible — use the style settings to create/update a style that shows section cuts, but turns off the planes.

I only toggle planes on (via the toolbar) when I want to move or modify the plane, otherwise I have them turned off.


Sections Manager


Currently I use them for interior elevations.
you are right. I should take more time to set a camera in the right place and adjust it for my scene.
Thank you!


Cool, I will utilize layers and scenes more.
It was only a trouble when adjusting section planes later on after creating it initially because, to move a existing section plane, section planes need to be turned on.
Thank you!


Woo, let me explore a new plug-in.
Thank you!