I can't "deselect all" or "select none"?

sometimes I can deselect all , sometime I can’t.

it’s just keep jumping back and forth either choosing this group or other group.

How could I Really Exist out selection?

If you are in the Select tool, simply single clicking off any geometry, while still inside the context of your current group/component will deselect everything.

Sometimes there’s no empty space to click on, so I assigned it to a keystroke (F2). It’s hard to tell, but you’re showing the command greyed out in the pull down menu? That would be weird.

“Select None” in the edit menu. See the modifier key command or make up a shortcut in preferences. I assigned the `~ key since it’s right under the escape key (on a Mac).

I believe at that point in the video, nothing is selected (I don’t see any bounding lines), so the select none option is greyed out.

the “select none” didn’t really help.

but I think press Esc couple times help. I got the solution from reddit

Esc and select none are two very different things.
If nothing is selected then Select None will be grayed out as there is nothing for it not to select.
Esc stops any action you are doing then backs you out of open groups and components.
So if hitting Esc a few times solved your problem then your question really was, how do I get out of edit mode via a keystroke?

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That’s why I assigned F1 and F2 (next to the Escape key) to Select Tool and Select None; Three fingers there can do a lot by 1) dropping out of whatever tool to go back to Select, 2) Deselect All so nothing is pre-selected, and 3) backing out of nested groups with each tap of ESC.