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I’m using a Mac and su 2022. when going inside of groups and components, when I’m through doing the detail work I need to UNSELECT ALL. How can I do this?

You can back out by clicking in space with the Select tool or pressing Esc. You can open another object outside of the nested object or in Outliner select a different object like the top level model (single click).

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Thanks. I was hoping for a command for “unselect all”.
where do I do that on my profile?

There is a command for select none if you are using SketchUp Pro, which is why having your profile complete helps us help you. Click on your avatar in one of your posts here (the colored S), then click on the large avatar again when the pop up window appears. From there you can find preferences (top right) and then profile on the left.

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No. There might be an extensions for that but I did a search and haven’t found one. It’s a good excuse to make sure you are not using excessive nesting in your models. :wink:

EF has you sorted on updating your profile.

Select None doesn’t back out of the context of the geometry. It only delselects the selected geometry in the context.

Agreed, however it wasn’t clear to me that closing the component was the goal from the OP. I suspect you are right though. I which case the esc key can be your friend.


thanks. I’m using pro. Just wish there was a way to back out of the context AND select none

Outliner ?


Did you try the ESC key?

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As TIG and I indicated, Outliner.

Esc is pretty quick unless you’ve gone crazy with the nesting.

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Yes, clicking on the model in outliner should deselect anything and get you out of any context:

Schermafbeelding 2022-04-01 om 18.15.08


If you start typing in [menu] Help, you will find various shortcuts and where it is in the menu structure.

(Somehow, the shortcut won’t pop up in the new search tool.)

Thanks!!! That will save me so much time!!!


Yes, I do this by assigning Selection Tool to F2, Deselect All to F1, and ESC is just right next to them. When I’m done editing deep inside nested components, with three fingers, I drum F2-F1-ESC-ESC-ESC-etc and SU eventually catches up. There often is no empty screen space anywhere to click on to exit group editing.

FWIW, on Windows, at least, Esc will deselect selected AND back out of the objects until all are closed.

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Yes, provided that the select tool is active, Esc will do the job, no need to unselect on both platforms.

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Thanks Dave


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On my phone so difficult to properly read the thread…

Does this help:


Ancient history! :smiley: I’d forgotten that.

Evidently one I haven’t kept.

Escape doesn’t deselect on the Mac. I created a shortcut for “Edit/Select None” to the reverse single quotation mark ’ because it is right under the esc key on my MacBook Pro. I mapped this early on in using SU because I kept reaching for escape and getting frustrated. I don’t think clicking elsewhere in the model to deselect is an acceptable solution because sometimes you’re in the middle of selected geometry with no unselected space in view, or you might not be using the select tool at the moment. Mapping a key to the Select None command enables you to deselect regardless of the tool you are using.

The default on windows for select none is ctrl t, not sure what it is on Mac.
GIF 2-04-2022 4-20-08 PM