How to move textures in polygon?

I project texture on a polygon or mesh. When I need to move a texture, I found it is not comfortable becase the texture is located on few triangles so I would need to move texture on every single triangle. Is there some tool to move texture when you have all the faces selected? Maybe Fredo did some tool for this purpose? I see I have TIG’s texture tool in my Sketchup 8 installed. But it seems like it does not work for multiple faces selected. Also I am using Windows XP, forever.

SketchUV MApping tools are a great way to apply and move textures.
In the instance you are referring to you could also try to use the eye dropper tool to select the texture in the correct triangle which loads the texture to the paint tool and then you can click into adjacent triangles and the texture should paste /map seamlessly?

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Which one is it? “Eye dropper tool?”

I have installed tool you recommended on SU8, thank you. The tool seems to be great.

Does this help?

Thank you for your animation. But this is the way I wanted to avoid. It is tricky to fit the projecting texture. Too complicated when you need to do it for more faces. So now I use UV tool and that works fine. I works with planar planes only because I did not find out out how to use it with cylinder shape.

select the material face then in the materials palette select the eye dropper and use it to select that material in the model. The tool will switch to the paint bucket. Use that to then fill the adjacent geometry with the same material. the resulting material should line up with the first.

I understand now what tool you mean by eyedropper. I definitely have forgotten this English term …

This does not work for me. In SU8 I don’t see the option Texture, so I cannot position it.

I still have problems with the Sketch UV - sometimes it works, but sometimes no. For example I have problems to rotate the texture on cylinder using small/gentle steps. It seem like it rotates by 90°. And shifting by 50 px instead 1px.

You can download SketchUp Make 2017 here.

This means that either the texture isn’t applied to the face or you aren’t right clicking on a single face. This is not a thing that is specific to any one SketchUp version. It applies to SketchUp 8 as much as it does to other versions.

Is it for Windows XP and free (no trial)?

No. XP is no longer supported.

What I asked in this question (maybe not clear thought) is to move textures (plural) which are part or complicated object like cylinder. Seems like is had sound like I need to move a texture on a single face… This is not the case. I need to move the texture been applied to many faces. This is why asked for tool.

I am using the Sketchup UV. Seems like I am finding out how it works. It seems that when I click on the Sketchup UV mapping tools icon (having faces selected), I need to zoom the faces first. Then I need to move the texture using arrows, or ctrl+arrows or shift+arrows, but the precision seems to be depended on the current zoom. So first I zoom one step, then use arrows to move the texture, and then I zoom more to get gentle step moving… using arrows.

“Also I am using Windows XP, forever.”

That’s unfortunate.

Why? I don’t need to use newer system.

Also the new Windows systems are not good enough, XP is better.

Because it’s not supported by Microsoft anymore so you are open to all kinds of bugs and malicious content if it’s connected to the internet.

And that solved your problem? Good enough.

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I don’t have problems with bugs of the system or any kind of malicious software. If I would have, I would not use Windows XP. I can use it even next 10 years and I doubt I could have some problems. I know what I am doing that’s why I don’t feel to be unsafe.

For me it is more important to have usable system, that means system, which is usable for me. It’s better than to pay for new system which is unusable for me.