How to move textures in polygon?

But the problem is, if you do have malicious software you would not know as nobody is really supporting checking what is going on in the internals of the OS. You could have a keylogger for example and never know as the most updated Anti Virus software is not patched any more for XP (for the most part).

It’s just some friendly advice, I would be very wary myself. Speaking from experience I had a family member who said the same thing and they ended up getting hacked. Luckily we got all the money back from the bank but if you can minimise the risk for very little effort (updating the OS) then there is a massively reduced chance of running into any issues. I know an updated OS can be problematic if you are running older hardware but W10 is quite optimised these days. Not as many teething problems as when it first came out I have to say!

Our family is using Windows XP and we have found no problem. This is philosophical question. Life is risky.

Do you think there are no risks for the newer systems? I use ~15 year old Nokia. I don’t need smart phone - does this make me more vulnerable? No, but many of the peple who bought smard phone are vulnerable, they discover a lot of personal information about themself. And they do not feel insecure. This is just a busyness man. I don’t wanna pay next money to MS for they’re poor software. I don’t need to have smartest systems to live…

Also think about how much time it takes to install new system, new software, configurate it and to learn it to use and to install all ******* dependences. Man, I do not know how long I will live, maybe 5 years, 10 years - who knows? Should I spend this precious time by wasting it with upgrading and learning ****** software?

My mom is having PC made in ~1998 and my dad in ~ 2005. And they are fine. You cannot install W10 on their systems. Nor W8 or W7.

What I asked in this question (maybe not clear thought) is to move textures (plural) which are part or complicated object like cylinder. Seems like is had sound like I need to move a texture on a single face… This is not the case. I need to move the texture been applied to many faces. This is why asked for tool.

I’m sorry that the responses here didn’t really focus on the heart of your question. That’s frustrating. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer, either.

Maybe it was your frustration that caused you to mark your own comment about using XP as the “solution”. Unfortunately, as you can see from Dave’s comment, people will interpret this to mean that you no longer need help with your original question. (I would have liked to see the answer myself, if there is one.)

In response to Liam’s comment…

Because it’s not supported by Microsoft anymore so you are open to all kinds of bugs and malicious content if it’s connected to the internet.

There was a time when this was definitely true, but I think the likelihood is decreasing, as hackers are targeting more lucrative targets, which are typically running more recent operating systems. If I were a hacker, I would be severely limiting my potential “market” by targeting XP.

In general, software developers in North America (primarily) need to keep in mind that if they hope to market their products globally, then they need to be aware of the dynamics of markets outside North America. I personally know many people in Southeast Asia who will not upgrade from Windows 7. If we assume that everyone is upgrading as fast as we are, then we will be missing out on potential increases in the install base (if that’s important to us).

I think SketchUp is a wonderful tool, and I would love to see it used more frequently in parts of the world where it could really make a difference. Those parts of the world are not using Windows 10, and they usually don’t have a good enough internet connection to use SU Free. So instead of helping them catch up, we are leaving them behind.

If what barracuda is asking for can’t be done, then it would be nice to say so and move on. If it can be done, how? I don’t think we need to be having this argument about operating systems…

What he asked for can be done however he’s already refused to accept the answer that was given. As they say, you can lead a horse to water.

Hmmm… I missed it. Are you referring to the eyedropper trick that whiterabbitdesigncompany mentioned?

I don’t know about that. Did I mark any post as solution? How to revert the change? The solution is to install Sketchup UV. Because this tool really works. In most cases it works.

I was not frustrated and I am not frustrated. Thanks for your answers.

As for Windows XP, there are at least two reasons why I still use it. 1) I bought it 2) I am content with the themes which I use to highlight text. I am speaking about accessibility. The possibility to modify the windows in the way, that I can see the text even when I use small resolution 800x600 is maximum I can use. This is my first condition, which I will not leave. I am the customer, I am setting the rules. 3) I do not want updates. I do not want to share my personal information, been monitored or watched. This is a point about data transfers, my security.

This is a solution and the question is solved. Thank you.

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