How to Get SketchUp Model Panel to Open

I am having a problem getting the Layout SketchUp Model Panel to open. Sometimes it is open, and others I’m not able to open it up. It’'s probably something I’m skipping. Any ideas.

Thanks, Chip

Top menu >window> default tray >check Sketchup model

That’s 2015 but probably not much different for you?
Hope this helps

Are you clicking the X in the SketchUp Model window to close it when you don’t want to see it? If so, don’t. You can collapse it in the tray by clicking on its title bar. Open by clicking on its title bar again.

That part is working correctly. It’s weird, sometimes I can get to my scenes and other times I’m not. I know the scenes are there, and when I am able to access the scenes button, I can toggle between them and see what I want to see. But I am not getting a consist ant access to the scenes button.


Do you mean the Scenes drop down menu? I don’t see a “scenes button”

Perhaps you could post a screen shot of what you are seeing.


Yes I am able to access the panel, just not the scenes button, on a consistant basis.


Yes, that is the correct button. All a screen shot would show is not very helpful. It is a problem perhaps of how I am attempting to select in the view port?

Is it off the screen?

Not sure what you mean by “off the screen”. The panel does collapse when I take the cursor away, and opens when I hover on it.

No, the thing I want is in the viewport.

Do you mean the Default Tray?

I’m wondering if the whole LO window is shifted to the right enough that the drop down arrow in the Scenes menu isn’t being displayed.

What does this mean? The viewport is the view of the SketchUp model scene in the paper space.

No, I can see the complete panel when I open it up. I am not able to access my skp. model. Part of the time I can get to the scenes I created I SketchUp and other times I’m not. That’s the rub, not being able to access the scenes drop down at all times.

I have a site plan, with various entities in different scenes, which I am putting on different layout layers. Just not getting access to the different scenes.


In order to open the Scenes dropdown menu, you must have a viewport selected. Is that what you’re missing?

Erm? Is it because you haven’t selected the viewport? (Shot in dark)

Dave hit it at same time!

I can select a viewport, and normally the SketchUp Model Panel would be active. Right now, after I select the viewport, nothing allows me access to the scenes drop down menu.

Are you sure you’re selecting a viewport? How about sharing the LO file so we can see what you are seeing?

How do I do a “share”?

No, that doesn’t do anything as far as putting something into the scenes name field.

Click on the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the message window.

No. Absolutely not. Do not double click a viewport. That will disconnect it from the scene in SketchUp.