How to export DAE without diagonal lines and without face deletion into Blender

How can I export this SketchUp model:

As a Dae into Blender without any of the diagonal lines shown in this import:

Or any of the faces/geometry missing/added from this import (which was done by unchecking triangulate all faces):

I tried fiddling around with sketchup to blender DAE files, good way to burn up time…lol. I’ve got a few drawings that rendered out OK, but nothing the size of your house.

Maybe try grouping and importing just the roof or some part and play around with the settings? This YouTube video may help also. Good luck, and post back if you find out anything.

A fundamental question would be … Does the Collada format support quads or non-triangulated faces?

(This is my attempt to give Colin credit for the solution)

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It may not support quads, I’m not sure. But you can export without triangulation with some shapes and it works, and other shapes it doesn’t. I will check if that is expected behavior.

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