Trouble Exporting .dae (Collada) Files


I am very new to SketchUp and am having an issue when exporting a file as a .dae file and importing the same file into Blender not all of the features of the SketchUp file are being imported into Blender. I downloaded the “throw/judo mat” file from the 3D Warehouse and am trying to make a few slight modifications. I am adding a few simple rectangular lines to the mat as seen in the image below but when I export this and then import into Blender the grid I created in SketchUp does not appear in Blender. I have posted images below as well as attached the .skp file I am working with. Please let me know if you have any idea why the grid is not being reflected in Blender.


Sherd_Mat.skp (38.7 KB)

I see the grid ok. I wouldn’t expect to see the dimensions.

Hi McGordon, I wonder what I am doing wrong. Below is what I see when I import into Blender.


Just one big rectangle in the above without the grid. Did you do anything special to import it. Also it still looks like in yours two of the lines are dotted but they should be solid lines. Is there any reason why the mat is not blue in yours also? Sorry I am pretty new to all of this. Thanks for the help.

I think the question is, what are you trying to do.?
It’s a flat plane and various unnecessary exports and imports.

In the end I am hoping to export this from Blender and then import again into Gazebo. I have been using the “Set Origin to Center of Mass” function in Blender before importing into Gazebo. I also need a grid on the mat for the robotics simulation I am attempting to run in Gazebo.

Not seeing a lot of sketchup related questions…

True, I guess I am not sure where in the process the issue is. I will check with Blender to see if they can help.

Don’t get me wrong, all we are seeing is a couple of simple rectangles, need to understand what the problem you are seeing is.

We went through a lot of issues to work through in this topic. Some of it may be of use:

Thanks All, I think what I will end up doing is slightly elevating the grid. This should be fine for what I am using it for and Blender is now recognizing the grid after I do this. Thanks again.