Importing collada dae files into SU 8

I downloaded some furniture files from the warehouse and imported them into SU 8.
As there were different kind of file versions in the warehouse, I chose “DAE”, as it seemed to be the only format compatible with SU 8.

But when I import the DAE files, I get only a kind of mesh into SU8. When rendering, the mesh does not show faces, only edges with “air” inbetween them.

What can I do to get the import correctly (so that the furniture objects are shown with faces, not only edges) ?

thank you in advance!

Without having tried, a possible cause may be that SketchUp’s Collada exporter (resp. converter in the Warehouse) has been revamped over time and makes now use of features that SketchUp 8’s importer does not understand. Keep in mind that SketchUp 8 was even up to (or only) 90% compatible with the Collada specification.

You could work-around the problem (by moving to a newer version of SketchUp or) by importing the .dae or .skp file into a newer version of SketchUp and exporting as .obj (included in SketchUp Pro or using an extension) and importing .obj into SketchUp 8.

I tried importing one of my textured models as a Collada file. This was packaged as a zipfile that contained a “model.dae” file and a folder called “model” that contained the three texture images I used in the model. Importing the model into 2008, 2015, 2016, and 2017 gave me these results:

I’m reminded of a similar post regarding STL imports:

Using “Soften Edges” doesn’t hide the lines, nor does anything else I’ve tried. However, if I select each line or use the eraser, I can make them go away:

Model file: 3D Warehouse

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