How to cut a component?

Using the free version.

Have a component 16’ x 5.5". Have about 2 hours work into it.
Need to have another identical to the 16’ except 20’ in length.
Is it possible to cut the 16’ and add 4’ to it without having to create and new 20’ component?

Any help appreciated.

The modification you want to do is most likely possible and probably easier than cutting it and adding 4 feet. The exact process depends on the component, though. Can you share the model so we can see what you are trying to do?

Thanks for replying.

The drawing is quiet advanced now.
I’ll redraw in and post it later.

You can maybe open the component for edit, select the geometry at one end and use the move tool to slide it over 4’. But, as @DaveR observed, whether this simple method will work for you depends on the details we can’t see.

If your aim is to use Component A as a starting point for creating Component B, then yes, you can do that. You right-click on the component and choose Make Unique, which duplicates the definition of the component which you can modify without affecting the original.

I understand that.
However, the ends of the 16’ are modified.
So, how can the 16’ be cut/divided so 4’ can be added say in the middle.

Again, you may not need to cut the component to add the 4’. It might be that you can simply open the component for editing, select one end and move it 4’. Until you show us what you are working with though, it’s all just guessing because you haven’t provided enough information.

How is a drawing uploaded to the site?
Export does not work with the free version.

Use Download to download the .skp file to your computer. Then drag the .skp file into a reply here. If it’s more than 16Mb, upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

16x20 Shop - 16’ Wall Beams.skp (341.7 KB)

Which component is it that you want to stretch?

None now. I desigend the 20’ after the 16’.
The 16’ and 20’ beams are identical except in length.
It would be much easier if I knew how to extend the 16’ to 20’.
I’m asking for future reference.

As Steve suggested, open the component for editing, select the end and move it 4’. You can also use Move/Copy for the mortise and the peg hole to make an additional one. After copying it, select the geometry and use Intersect Faces and then erase the faces skinning the holes.

You can also flip the stretched beam in the vertical direction and move the peg holes.

By the way, you need to rework the 20’ wall beams. They are just four lumps of loose geometry inside one component.
You also have most of the uprights double wrapped. There’s no need for that and it just makes for more work.
Screenshot - 9_18_2022 , 4_03_20 PM

It would be smart to leave adding materials until after your geometry is created correctly.

Thanks DaveR,
I was not aware selecting the end and extending it as you did was possible.
Now I do.


SketchUp has a board stretcher. Very useful.

King size from queen:

Long bench from short one:

Tall from short:

Settee from Chair:

Coffee table from side table.

I’m using the free edition.
Not many opitons come with it.

It comes with enough to do what we’ve been talking about.

FWIW, I cleaned up your model. I got rid of the unneeded nesting and fixed the materials.
16x20 Shop - 16’ Wall Beams cleaned up.skp (360.0 KB)

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16x20 Shop 1.skp (168.9 KB)

The 20’ beams are connected. How are they seperated so the one on the right can be moved and rotated?