Duplicating component and saving as *new* component..?

I spent some time creating a component, and i need to make another with the same shape, but with longer dimensions. If i edit the component i can change the length, but of course it changes all the other components previously used.

I can’t seem to find a way to lengthen the component, and then save it as a new component, so i don’t alter all the other existing ones.

As it was a bit of a faff creating the first one, i’d rather not have to start from scratch, so…is there a way to copy, then edit, then save as a new component?

Any help much appreciated!

Make a copy, then right click and Make Unique, then edit to your hearts content.


Ahh, right. I did try that before, but obviously did something wrong. Sorted now, thank you!

Also note that an instance of a component can be scaled non-uniformly to lengthen it in one dimension, if distortion is not a concern (for example because the component is a simple rectangular prism such as a board of wood). Such scaling of an instance will not affect other instances of the same component definition.