Trouble shortening a component (in the middle)


Hi, I’m pretty new to Sketchup, having some trouble cutting a component.
I right-clicked and Entity info says “component”.

I made a 1/2" solid that I want to delete out of this beam then move all the right geometry 1/2" to the left. Will the beam go back together and become “as one?” Is there a better way to do this (for a user in his 1st week)?

When I intersect faces (model) it cuts some faces (are now delete-able) but it doesn’t cut the top and bottom faces of the I-beam.


The clue is in the entity title - component - should read solid component.

We need to know what your profile info - SU version, etc. to give accurate advice.


Click into the component where you can edit it’s raw (i.e. lines and faces) geometry.

Select all the geometry that you want to move 1/2" to the left.

In your case I am guessing that means all the lines and the end face of the beam, plus maybe some bolt holes. You do NOT want to select the long faces that make up the web for example.

Use the move command to move all your selected elements to the left 1/2". The connecting faces will update accordingly.

Exit the component.

-When selecting geometry, click-drag a box to the right will select only things totally within the box. Click-drag to the left will select all geometry that in any way touches the box.
-Use arrow keys after selecting the move command to lock you move to one of the axes.
-Don’t forget this is a component, so whatever you do to this will change all other instances.
-Investigate why you have a “component” and not a “solid component”.
-You could in theory use the scale command, but that will distort any holes and potentially lead to other issues. Avoid until you know all the implications.


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