Rookie question - how to resize only the middle part of a model

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just started designing my models in SketchUp web and I’m finding a bit hard to change length of elements that are between other elements in a way that I don’t have to move everything manually. An example:

I’d like to make the bar joining the two other bars longer or shorter and would like the other bars to stay glued to it. I real life I’m building a bed frame, that requires a bit of trial and error when it comes to the length and I’m changing the it quite a lot, having to move all the elements attached to it on both sides.

I tried to create an component out of the 3 bars (or just group them), but then the scale tool will not allow me to grip the edge of the middle bar.

Please help!


each element should be a separate group or component.

Assuming you’ve made each part you’d make in the shop a component or group, don’t use the Scale tool on the lot. Instead, use Move to move one of the cross bars and since the parts are simple, use Push/Pull on the center section.

If the ends of the center rail have details such as tenons, select the end of the rail with a left to right selection fence and use Move to adjust its length. Scale will change the length of the tenon. You can see how that goes here.


The tape measure tool is a great way to mark measurements.

Many tools allow you to type in the desired length, then press enter.

Fredoscale would be good for these types of mods when you get ready to become more efficient. I wouldn’t bother using it until you are up to speed in the tools native to the program in simple modifications like this one.

Except Fredscale isn’t available for “SketchUp web”.

my bad.

Thanks for the tips! I need to to try them, probably the move tool will be the way to go. I’m using both: web and desktop version (Make 2017) as I couldn’t decide yet which one is better, so I’ll try the extension too.

My actual model is here, I’m resizing the highlighted elements and would like the rest of the model just move along:

Thanks again, great tips!


Check out the video in the link I provided. The end won’t move along as you resize the rails but it’s trivial to move those elements, too. Fredoscale could be useful in SU Make but read my comment at the end of that blog post.

You do not need any extention. I think it can be easily done with Move and Puss / Pull tools.
Do you share the skp file?

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I’ve shared it here:

Now, after I’ve read some of the linked material, I think i’ts jus a question of proper grouping my components. E.g. the whole right frame and ladder, once I’m happy with it, I’ll group and then I can easily move it when I’ll adjust the length of the bed sides.

Yes, it is true.

You might want to consider making the legs a bit heavier to support the weight and be stiff enough so the beds don’t move a whole lot. The rails need more to land on so you can get fasteners in and hold it all together.

I see you are naming your components with their dimensions. This can be useful but you have to remember to update those dimensions when you make edits to the size of the components. You could give the parts useful names such as ‘leg’, ‘rail’, ‘ladder rung’, etc. Then use the CutList extension to create a cut list that would give you the dimensions.

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That’s awesome :slight_smile: I suspected this construction might be too wobbly, thanks for confirming. I’m re-designing it now with more sturdy materials. Definitely need to find a good woodworking forum, as I’d like to validate some of the assumptions I made, like the pocket screws will securely support the weight the bed base with the kids, etc. I’m quite good with the handyman jobs, so I think can build it, but don’t really have any experience designing such furniture.

Also when I started I put the dimensions in the components, not realising that I should rename them when I change the size. I my current take on the model I’m using names that describe parts of the bed: Leg, Ladder step, Front panel etc. This is way better and with the extension I don’t have to worry about remembering the sizes.
Thank you for excellent support!

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