Resizing and Realigning components in a model

Bed.skp (133.7 KB)

This is my first attempt at a Sketchup design – a bed with drawers built from 2 “carcasses” connected by a 2x4 support frame. Only partially designed so far but I’ve already found a couple of problems.

First, the width of each carcass is 24” which makes for extremely inefficient cutting from a 4x8 sheet when allowing for saw kerf.

Secondly, I’ve misaligned the 2 end panels so that they’re 1/16” “into” the top panel of each carcass. (I’m snapping to 1/16”).

Of course I could easily explode the whole thing, resize and realign the components, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way.

I’d also like to play with making the bed shorter and taller, while looking at the cutlist to optimize the number of sheets of 4 x 8 sheets. I’ve played with stretch for this purpose, but that also stretches the thickness of the tops and bottoms.

I’m thinking there might be a way of attaching the separators to the tops and bottoms, then resizing the separators to make the bed shorter and taller but can’t find how to do that. And if this is possible, maybe it will solve the first 2 problems I have also?

Thanks in advance.


For starters, turn off length snapping. Experience has shown that it more often creates issues than doing what you expected. Set the units precision high so that small mis-sizing is revealed by the “~” on a dimension and rely on a combination of typing exact sizes and using inference to previous parts to get sizes correct.

Since you (correctly) used components for similar parts, there are several attacks you can use to change the size of a part. None of them require exploding anything.

You can open the component for edit and then pushpull or move a face to the correct location for the size you want. You could also use the scale tool for the edit, but beware that scales all the contents proportionally which might not be what you want. DO NOT scale an instance without opening it for edit. This will affect only that one instance, leaving you to still need to fix up the others.

In general, once you have moved and correctly sized one component, you can use inference snaps to adjust others to match without measuring or typing in any dimensions. With a small amount of practice, this kind of tweaking becomes very fast and easy.

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Mostly very cleanly made for a first model - good going. A few suggestions.

Just make all the tops and bottoms half a kerf width narrower than 2ft. Or even a little bit smaller - to allow for planing a clean edge - so you don’t waste material.

Why MDF rather than plywood or blockboard? It’s mildly carcinogenic, and not all that stiff in bending.

In your drawing, the tops of the carcasses are off register by a small amount - see image. Try to get into the habit of drawing precisely using inferencing to get an exact snap at the joins. Use the Move tool to join corner to corner exactly

And you only have one component you call End panel. The other is still loose geometry. Maybe you made it into a component, but forgot to check the box “Replace selection with Component” in the Make Component dialogue.

I can’t find all 10 of the separators which selecting one says are in the model. I can only see 8 in the model. Looking harder, I see that one end of each carcass has two in the same place.

You could simplify things a little if you make one whole carcass a component, then mirror it to the other side of the bed.

If you want to sit on the bed, a comfortable height for most people (not very tall and not very short) is 18-19" including mattress.

And I’d make the bed the width and length of one of the standard mattress and bedding sizes (fitted sheets for example) in your country. Common US sizes (are you in the US? I’m guessing so since almost no one else uses feet and inches now) are King or Queen sizes which are both 80" long - 6ft 8in.

Unless you will be using a very thin mattress, don’t make the base too much taller than your current drawing - 12". You can still get the separators out of the ends of the pieces you use for tops and bottoms

Thank very much for your quick response. I’ve adjusted the height of the bed, per your suggestion (I think), as follows:
Raise the top of one carcass to expose the top face of an end panel and Separator.
Right click the separator, Edit Component and pushpull to required height.
Repeat for end panel.
Move both tops to sit on top of separators and end panels.

This works nicely. Is that what you had in mind?

Thanks again

John McClenahan,

Thanks for your quick response.

Yeah, I was planning on making the tops and bottoms an inch narrower - just looking for the best way of doing it. Resizing components seems to cover that.

Good catch on the doubled up separators - thx.

Interesting comment on MDF being mildly carcinogenic. I was thinking of mdf for cheapness. I’ll start looking at plywood options.

And yes, the bed was intended to be 82" x 60" for a queen size mattress in the US. I’m also thinking 12" high. I was only interested in resizing the height as a Sketchup learning exercise.

Anyway, thanks again for all your comments.