How do I resize complex shapes, not scaling?


I apologise if this has been asked or if I am asking in the wrong place, I have not been here before. I have had a search about and can’t find an obvious answer but I am sure there must be one.

I am making models of furniture and joinery, e.g. doors and windows. I want to be able to resize them, but not scale them. Scaling would change the dimensions of the timber cross sections, size of joints etc.

What I need is a way to scale or stretch the mid sections between the corners, but without changing the corners and only increasing the linear dimension. For example to make a 400 x 1200 window into a 600 x 1400. The cross section and corners remain the same, but the length of the sides increase.

I am currently doing this by creating the corners and then moving them into place and using push/pull to make them meet up, deleting the join and then recombining into a new group. Is there an easier way?


working with dynamic components would fit what you aim to do

some practice will be needed though

Perfect. I have watched the video and I think this is exactly what I need. Thanks

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The move tool is the tool you use for this kind of resizing.
There are also some extensions that can make this a bit easier, fredo scale box stretching seems to be very popular…

Interesting, fredo scale box with the divider might allow me a simpler way (if not as dynamic, pardon the pun) of doing what I need. Thank you.

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I do this fairly regularly for furniture models. FredoScale can be used in many cases but not all. I usually prefer to use the Move tool. Using components instead of groups is a big part of making this sort of thing work easily and there should be no reason for exploding the objects. Here are some examples:

The king size bed on the right was made from a copy of the queen sized bed on the left.

The coffee table was made from a copy of the side table.

The tall stool was made from a copy of the short one.

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How does the move tool allow you to do this? Can you point me to a tutorial or resource? I have managed to get Fredoscale to work, and I think it will be sufficient for my current project, but I don’t understand how I would use the move tool to resize.

It requires using limited selections. Changing the length of something like acoped and tenoned door rail is done by opening the component for editing, selecting the features at the end with a left to right selection box and moving them the required distance.

I’ve done a number of video tutorials showing this sort of thing. I’ll find a link to one.

Here’s a link showing how I made the coffee table above.


Great, I’ll watch that now. Just had a look at your drawings on flickr, they’re fab. Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Thank you.

That was the perfect video, thank you. I understand how I can use the move tool and I have a better understanding of where Fredoscale is useful too. Thanks very much, I hope you have a nice day.

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