Scaling an object without scaling its thickness

I created a multi-paneled box (see pictures) that I intend to make out of wood. However, I have realized that it is too big for my purposes and I want to scale it down to 3/4 (75%) of its current size. My issue is that when I do this with the scale tool, it also scales down the thickness of the panels (from the original 0.20 in. to 0.15 in.) which cannot happen because I only have wood that’s 0.20 inches thick.
Is there any way I can equally scale down the size of the box without changing the thickness of the box panels?
I don’t have the pro version if that makes a difference.
Thanks for any suggestions.

You might be able to scale the components individually using side handles instead of corner ones but generally the Scale tool is just the wrong one for the job. Better to use the Move tool with strategic geometry selections.

Select the outer face of each panel, copy them, scale the faces down 75%, and joint push pull to give them a thickness of .20.

Fredo scale would do what you want.

Yes Fredo scale worked well in addition to some other tweaks to the model. Thanks.