Scaling and Keeping z-thickness the same


I did this 3D model in order to laser cut its different pieces.

I’d like to make my model a little bit bigger, so I thought about using the scale tool.

But obviously it will increase everything, even the “z-thickness” which I don’t want to, because my laser cut material will remain 1mm thick.

Any recommandation ?



You may want to review sketchUp’s DYNAMIC COMPONENT capabilities and features.

Use the middle handle on the corner of the scale tool to scale without changing the z axis.

Also not that typing in a number changes the scale by that factor - e.g. 1.001 x whatever it was before
BUT for resetting the z-thickness to exactly 1mm you can scale in that direction only [as Box outlined] and type in 1mm - the unit suffix tells SketchUp to make it exactly 1mm…

Assuming your profile is correct and you are using the web based version of SketchUp, creating Dynamic Components is out.

You can resize the model but to avoid changing the thickness of the sides, it won’t be a simple scaling operation. You’ll need to move the sides out away from the center. If you use the Scale tool to change the length of the box sides, you’ll also scale the length of the fingers in the box joints. A better option would be to edit the components/groups, select just the geometry on the end and use the Move tool to move it enough to add the required length.

You can use the Scale tool to change the height of the sides. This will make a proportionate change to the width of the fingers of the box joints. If that’s acceptable, Scale is good. If you need to keep the finger width the same, you could use Move or Push/Pull on the top edge of the box side and add new fingers/notches if needed.

Thank you, I will look up for this functionality :slight_smile:

Thank you all, I will look up for your recommandations, I feel like it won’t be easy because I have many other pieces constraints.

I will see :slight_smile:

It won’t be appropriate to use the Scale tool to resize your parts because not only will Scale resize the fingers as I mentioned earlier, it would also resize the slots.

BTW, it would be useful when you post screen shots to show the entire model or better, upload the SKP file, too, so we can see exactly what you are working with.

There you go :slight_smile:

Secrétan V3.skp (1.3 MB)

I didn’t understand clearly your recommandations though, sorry :confused:

I hope to find some youtube explanations, I guess I need images associated with explanations :slight_smile:

Maybe this would help? Not sure how much bigger you need it, but you could carefully select the ends and move by a specific distance you type in, do the same at the other side. The roof parts are a little more tricky but not impossible to stretch in the same way which will also keep the slots in their original position. Would be a matter of going through and moving very specific parts. This would keep the thickness unchanged.

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That is so smart, I take this suggestion thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry if anyone suggested this already and I didn’t understand it :slight_smile: