Finger joints when changing material Thickness


I use sketchup to make 3D model that I then 2D lasercut.

Do you have tips so that when I want to change my material thickness, I don’t have to rezise the finger joints ? :slight_smile:

finger joint (1)1.skp (93.3 KB)

Maybe it is not possible with SketchUp and another software would do the job :slight_smile:

I made some 3D models which are 3mm thick and now I want to try’em with 1mm material :slight_smile:



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You can change the length of the fingers with Push/Pull although I’d modify them all in a run using the Move tool. Select all of the bottoms of the sockets between fingers and move them to meet the thickness of the adjoining part.

If you use components for your parts, it’ll take less to modify them.

If you don’t want to resize the finger joints, don’t model them in the first place.

Interesting tips, thank you :slight_smile: ! Push/Pull is limited, Move is more efficient right here :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

Hard to think in the first place, maybe there is a plugin that fix the joints automaticaly but thanks anyway :blush:

You could use dynamic components to do this but your profile indicates you are using Make so that’s out of reach for you. (Your profile also indicates you are using a version of Make that doesn’t exist. It would be helpful if you would correct it.) While dynamic components could be created to make the changes, the way they’d work might create other problems depending on how you are using the model. For a hobby thing, though, the Move tool is surely simple and fast enough and will give you excellent control.

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