Copying finger joints

I’ve drawn finger joints on one end of a board and would like to copy them to the other end of the board. I can’t find how to select the joints to copy them. I’m using the free web version on a PC running MX-Linux.

If I were doing that in the free web version of SketchUp, I would draw only half the board with the box joint on one end. Then use Move/Copy to make a second copy of the half board, while the geometry is selected, right click and choose Flip Along and the correct direction. Then move the second half over to meet the first and delete the seam line to make it a single board.
box joint

That looks easy enough, but as I’ve already modeled the board I was looking to copy if that was possible because I have other features in the board I would have to re-draw. If copying is not possible I’ll use this method. Thanks for the help.

You could copy the edges of the box joint using Move/Copy to get them to the other end.
box joint

OK that worked. I was trying to copy everything in one move instead of copying the edges and pushing them. Thanks again.

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I think this is the way I will do it in the future.

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In some cases it might make sense to change the order of operations. Maybe model the piece with the box joints at the ends and then add the other features.

If you upgrade to SketchUp Shop you would get the Solid Tools and could use the Trim function to cut the mating side of the joint. Then copy resulting group to the opposite end of the first part and use Trim again to cut the joint at the other end.

It’s unfortunate that you are using Linux. If you were using a Desktop version of SketchUp you could use an extension to make cutting the joinery faster. Unlike the native Solid Tools the extension leaves the objects they modify as components. The native Solid Tools convert components to groups.
box joint

I use Sketchup 2017 under Wine on Linux and it supports extensions. I’m working in a virtual machine today and It doesn’t handle Sketchup under Wine. Something about the graphics card is different on the virtual machine. The web version works fine. If they made a version that worked natively under Linux I would consider purchasing it. I don’t see that happening though.

Yes it does and you could use the extension I showed. It’s called BoolTools2.

As I understand it, lack of OpenGL support.

I don’t either. When they did surveys of Linux users, the vast majority of respondents said they’d expect to get Sketchup Pro for free. I think part of what drove the development of the web-based versions is to have an option that is operating system agnostic. Doesn’t matter whether you are running Linux, Windows, Mac OS or Chrome. They’ll work.

For your hobby use it sounds like you are pretty well set up with both SketchUp 2017 Make and SketchUp Free.

Looks like BoolTools2 doesn’t work with 2017. V.2018 is the earliest.
I guess I missed the survey. I don’t expect developers to give away their products. I appreciate that Sketchup offers a free version. I just don’t use it enough to justify the cost. I’ve tried learning FreeCad, but it’s much more difficult to learn, and again I don’t need it enough to spend the time learning it. Sketchup is just so easy to use.

Actually I believe it does. This is from the website.

I get it. If you’re just using it for your hobby, the free versions should do the trick.

Well BoolTools2 installed, but needs a license to use. I’ll see if I can figure out how to use it to determine if I need it or not.

Did you choose the 15-day free trial? They will send you a license key to use for that time. After that you can purchase the license.

I might try the free trial. Watching the video I can’t see how to use the thing. Is there a manual or user guide? The video moves pretty fast.

Basically you choose the tool you want (I used Trim), click on the solid component or group that needs trimming and then click on the thing you want to trim it with. Rinse and repeat for anything else. I never draw mortises. Only the tenons to go in them. Then I use Trim to use the tenons to cut the mortises. Same for dovetail joints with only half the joint modeled, pegs for drawbore joinery, etc.

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Well looks like I won’t be able to use it. I downloaded the license for the free trial, but the license manager doesn’t work. I only get a blank window and no way to input the license. I believe it’s a problem with Wine. I may have to dual boot into Windows and try it there.

Could be.

Good luck.

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