Designing in 3D for Laser Cutting

Hi there

Is anyone able to tell me how do I go about designing a 3D model house in SketchUp then export a 2D file of all of the pieces for cutting on a laser cutter? I found an older plugin from Flights of Ideas for being able to take the components and lay them flat for cutting but I’m having trouble getting it to work. Are there any other options?

Also, does anyone know a place where I can find out how to do slot joints and box joints that fit together like teeth? The problem I’m having with this is I don’t know what they are actually called so my google searching isn’t really coming up with anything.



You mean dovetail joints? Like this: Dovetails in SketchUp – Easier Than You Think | Popular Woodworking

Lots of woodworking + SketchUp stuff. For modeling, maybe Shopbot + SketchUp? We did a full scale house for World Maker Faire.

Oh, and from Dave the Master SketchUpper: Dovetail Joints in SketchUp Made Easy - FineWoodworking

Hi Amyleew1
I can tell you exactly how to do it. In my spare time when I am not preparing architectural drawings for builders and homeowners, I work for a model railroad kit manufacturer. I prepare 3d models of railroad stations, section houses and utility buildings. I first model in full size then I scale down to HO scale and prepare the parts drawings for the laser cutter. I can give you a step by step description but not on this forum. If you are interested in how I do it, send me an email at: and put “laser cutting parts” in the subject line.