Trouble moving the geometry as I'd like to. Use scale tool?

Hi all.

Many thanks in advance for any help that can be provided, much appreciated.

Basically, I’m trying to use the scale tool to ‘bring in’ the geometry all round bottom rectangular face of the box shape (with rounded corners) that you can see in the video. I want to bring it in 10mm all round as indicated. But when I press Ctrl it toggles rather than locks and I can’t type in a distance of 10mm. I’m hopeful that you can see what I’m trying to achieve, does anyone know how I can do so.

I’m well aware that the method I’m using is likely to be, let’s say not the best for this scenario, and I’d appreciate it if any better ways of doing this can be shared, as I will often have to create geometry like this in the future.

Many thanks.


Example 3-5-22.skp (230.8 KB)



It may be helpful for you to work with whole numbers, like 147 instead of 147,749711.

Thanks for replying mihai, appreciate the methods! I think the unusual numbers have come about because the original measurements of this object are in inches. Cheers. Paul

Don’t convert the inches to meters, instead use the meters as inches. 1 meter =1 inch. Decimals, no problem,1.7952 inches =1.7952 meters. When finished scale as required. Meters to inches, scale by .0254.

Use. Fredo Round Corner.Avaiable at You can radius any number of edges at once
Also easily set the radius

Thanks RLGL. I don’t bother converting, I just enter inches into SketchUp. It’s great you can input imperial into a space setup for metric.

Thanks cakrupp. Good call regarding Fredo Round Corner. Very useful.

You selected only the top face. What is happening is expected under this condition.
Leave the object as a group and scale that.
Holding control while scaling is 100 percent correct.
That causes the scaling to be relative to the centroid (red dot) thus scaling equally in all directions

Fredo’s joint push pull extension is capable as well. It can push pull all selected faces in directions perpendicular to the face at once, even curves.