Changing object geometry

When I use the measure tool to change geometry of object, say the length of a 2x4, not only does it change the length, but also the width as well. Is this a issue or am I doing something wrong? BTW, I can’t use the scale tool, because I need exact lengths, and I don’t know the math otherwise.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The tape measurement tool will scale the object in every direction, if you need to scale just on one direction and need it to be to a specific measure, use the scale tool scale it on the direction you need it, doesn’t matter if it’s the length you need, but after doing it without quitting the tool type the measure you want it to have but, for example 2m, using the measurement unit.

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You could use the Scale tool if you enter the units as you scale the length. Alternatively you could use Push/Pull to add the required length or select the end face and use Move to move it the required distance.

Scale, Push/Pull, and Move. Note that for the last one with the mitered end, Scale would not be the right choice if you want to maintain the miter angle. Move would be the right tool for the top.

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