Resizing specific dimensions of a 2D object


I am trying and failing miserably to resize the 2000 mm length(Pic 1) to 1500mm without the 2438 mm length from changing.

Desired outcome illustrated by (Pic 2 with green circle).

I have seen other posts requesting similar help and the advice seems to be to use the tape measure/ scale tools but I don’t seem to be having any luck. When I use the scale tool I see no way to change sizes between the green square grips (Pic3). And if I use the tape measure: the 2438mm length changes to 1829 mm (Pic 4, red circle)

Is what I am trying to do possible?

Any help much appreciated as this is driving me insane.

Select the edge that needs to move and use the Move tool.

The Tape Measure will scale all of the geometry.

Thank you. Sanity restored :slight_smile:

That was easy. I wish it worked on some other people I can think of. :crazy_face:

If you are trying to scale the dimension, it won’t work. Select the edges that need adjustments only and pay attention what grip you drag. From the looks of it, something might be messed up, already (2mm) I get different results when adding the dimensions.

holding shift when selecting to add the other edge to the selection
scale and grab the upper mid-grip
type 1500mm hit enter. (measurements box at the top off screen)