Push/pull from a section cut



Is there any way to use push/pull on a group of components,
on the axis of a section-cut (or similar)?

Right now I’ve made a sort of window-frame,
with joint-insets in the corners.
But the I’d like to make the whole window 10mm wider.
So, can I use some sort of push/pull without readjusting every individual edge,
just stretching from a center-cut?


It depends how you have drawn it. Can you upload the relevant piece(s) of your model?


You could use a plugin called fredoscale box stretching


Show us a picture of what you’ve got, like even a screen shot?


Fredoscale stretch seems perfect.
Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

Actually not a window,
and would be not so hard to do manually,
but wanted to learn :slight_smile:


If you select everything, wouldn’t the Sketchup Scale tool work the same? I use the fredo scale at times but not sure what its advantage is here?


fredo scale box stretching makes nested components unique and stretches the box without changing dimensions of other nested components.

It also allows you to scale in sections of the component to avoid scaling the wrong parts.


No, it would scale all the internal parts as well. I usually us the move tool inside the group or component.


Thanks for that, I understand the fredo scale tool and how it doesn’t change the scale (usually about center, but can be shifted to any point) I only mentioned the SU tool as it pertained to this specific post, where it was a simple frame with only the overall thickness of the frame changing. didn’t seem to have any internal components that would suffer?..however, I see I misread width as thickness…sorry.


Oh, I see. I think I misunderstood the question as well.


I often forget to use the fredo box stretching to scale as I got into the habit of doing what you do (RTCool) and show hidden geometry and grab what I need and move it. The Fredo tool is a far better solution, but hard to break old habits. …and clearly must get into the habit of reading the question more thoroughly !


t2H_stretch_by_area plugin also performs this kind of operation, but I’m not totally loving the interface. Fredo’s tool looks I should give it a shot.


Fredo’s is very good, and free ! ( but as I said I have a hard time breaking old habits having been using SU since it was owned by @last software when workarounds had to be found- and before some of these new plugins became available). This also brings up other related posts as to why Sketchup hasn’t implemented some of these basic and better functioning tools like Fredo’s scale tools as part of its own software. They perform much better.


Thanks mics_54!
There was a couple of tricks there I wasn’t aware of.

Of-center scale (2 scale sections): How do I access this? (I didn’t see it)
My model needs 3 scale-sections. Anyway to do this in one go?

Typing in wanted new dimension: How do I do this?
I seem to only get multiply.


I believe only two partitions are available. You turn them on in a context right click menu after opening fredoscale. The ctrl key changes toggles the “from the middle” option which causes the second partition to appear. The tab key opens the input dialogue.




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