Newbie dimensional question

Sorry for my very newbie question, but I get stocked for 2 hours now and get crazy

I want to draw a frame, but I just can’t resize my top rectangle - please se screenshoot

I swear I looked in many place, I can change the size but only with proportions, I just want to resize to 1000 mm this top frame !

any clue will be greatly appreciated (and link to french or basic english tutorial also)

=drinks are ready for positive comments


Select the ‘Move’ tool, nothing else.
Then hover over one of both left vertices of the top part that is 964,7mm, drag it to the coresponding left vertex on the left part. Do the same for the other vertex.

You can also (in one go!) drag the little slanted top edge to the corresponding edge on the part on the left, also with just the ‘Move’ tool selected. (hover over the slanted edge to grab it)

Thank you very much for your answer, I did not try to select the Endpoint, I was only selecting the edge so it was not working (endpoints are).

You helped a newbie, I will continue on tutorials and maybe answer here to pay my debt,



If you want to change the unit of measurement from meters to centimeters, you can enter the dimension settings in the model info section

thanks for the tip Imam 4
I will try