How to contour escape pod with the curve of the ship

Its supposed to stick up a little bit about the surface of the ship and I have the correct height on the top, but the bottom is way too high. I tried to scale the bottom to lower it, but all I succeeded in doing was distorting the entire component.
AkiraClass6.2.skp (1.2 MB)

If you post a screenshot with some markups or a reference image of what you’re trying to achieve you may get a faster response compared to having users download your model first.

Hmmm Many different ways to do this and I might be tempted to start over taking care to make your surface flat with one plane of the slanted leading surface. But taking it as it is, keeping it as a group (strongly consider making a component if there are more than one of there) and with a basic answer you can:

  • Use push pull with a modifier key to add a new face at any desired point inside the volume, this will give you a line to reference from. (You could also select the perimeter edges of the top face only and use the move tool to move fresh edges down, this would avoid an inside face but push pull is quick and guarantees being square with the top face.

  • Use the rotate tool to pick first a fulcrum, then a reference point to rotate the group, be intentional about your points, I first had to make it square in one direction (use shift to lock a plane). Then rotate in another the opposite direction, when setting the fulcrum you can click down and drag along a line to make the fulcrum normal (perpendicular) to that line as I did here, then again pick a reference point on the object and rotate to a given reference, in this point to the surface of the plane it is imbedded in.

  • In short, careful use of the tools, with modifier keys and paying attention to the inference engine tool tips which pop up.

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I agree. Sorry about that.

Holy moly that is a lot to digest. Im going to read what you wrote 4 or 5 more times then give it a shot. Thank you very much!

Could you walk me through the use of rotate in this instance please?

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Thank you so much for your help and patience. Truly.

Maybe this can help you.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Shape protruding from a curved face.skp (1.1 MB)

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This was a huge help. Thank you for your time and patience.

I have another question if you have time, sir.

I am not present on a continuous basis on this forum but I check a few times each day to see if I can help someone.

Im super tired so Im probably overlooking something but Im trying to make windows and I know I can pull the windows through and use intersect faces with model, but its not working or more likely im doing something wrong. I have everything grouped and I did a previous push pull in the same area for ablative armor and the window cuts through that and the saucer section but im screwing it up somehow.

Akira6.2.skp (2.8 MB)

I don’t know exactly where you want to put the windows but I see that you have a group within a group.

It is better if you put the geometries that you want to intersect in the same context.

To avoid premature interaction, it is a good habit to create the block that you want to intersect as a group outside of the destination group.

When done, you can cut (or copy then cut) this group and then enter the context of the final group and only then you can explode the group that will act as the cutter and do the intersection.

Ok so if im understanding you correctly within the context of my project, I should have the hull and armor grouped within the same context, correct? So when I pull windows and escape pods through and use “intersect with model” ill only be cutting through one context with another instead of multiples.

It depends on the method that you want to use, intersection or subtraction using solid tools.

I suggest that you read the help about those.

BTW, entering the make and model of your graphic card in your profile may help us in helping you in case of more complex problems. Obviously you don’t seem to have these but we never know.

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I will sir, thanks again.

I try to intersect faces, but when I delete the top face of the armor that I pulled through the saucer, it doesnt let me select the face that should now be separate from the saucer? Is this a glitch, or am I making a mistake.

Are those faces in the same context (same group of component) if you want to do an intersection?

The procedure is:

1 - Create the first part then make a group or a component with it.

2 - Create the second part that will be used as a cutter. You don’t need to group it.

3 - Move that part in position. It should not modify the first part since this one is a group or a component and its geometry is separated from the rest of the model.

4 - Cut this part then open the first part for edition and Paste in place the second part in its context.

5 - Explode this second part to merge its geometry with the first one.

6 - Intersect faces.

7 - Delete unwanted geometries.

I completed the steps and It worked the first time on a practice piece, but on my ship when I try to pull up the curved piece after I intersected faces, it tells me I cant push/pull a curved or smooth surface.