How to contour escape pod with the curve of the ship

I used the Move Tool to move up the curved face.

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That did it. Thanks again.

Im using the follow me command to make the saucer as you a can see in attached pics. The front piece is just fine but the back piece isnt right. I have welded the edges like the front so I dont understand why its doing this.

It would help if you can post your model (skp file).

Here it is.

Akira10.0.skp (2.3 MB)

The model that you show doesn’t correspond to what you show in your previous post.

It looks like you want to extend a circular extrusion using the Follow Me tool.

This can be done but you must be aware that the face that is used bt the Follow Me tool, must be perpendicular to the first segment of the path. Otherwise, it is reoriented by the tool and this leads to a distorsion.

Also, if the new path that is extending the previous one is not aligned with this previous path, there will be a bend in the path that may create a curve that is not smooth.