How much does it cost to Renew SU 2014 to 2017?

Please tell me how much it will cost to go from SU2014 to SU2017? thanks

Hi Billy,

The following is a direct quote from a Trimble employee that I received in response to a similar inquiry about a year ago. (I inserted the italics and boldfaced type).

Thank you for contacting SketchUp.
…Currently, the maintenance and support renewal price is $120 for single user licenses. 30 days after your support expires, you will incur a reinstatement fee if you re-enroll in the support and maintenance program. The reinstatement fee is an additional $60.
Jessica Kubik
Inside Sales | SketchUp
Trimble Navigation Limited

Start here:

and here.

the upgrade cost resp. reinstatement fee is depending on the current maintenance status of your license, i.e. if maintenance is still running (plus 30 days grace period) or already expired and if expired how long.

Thank you, I was wondering about the Trimble warehouse expiring soon. Is it true I will need to purchase a new licence to use it or will I still be able to access it outside of sketchup?
thanks, Billy

Where did you get the idea that the Warehouse is expiring soon?

Did someone tell you that you need to buy a new license to access the Warehouse?

Without SketchUp, there’s not much point in accessing the Warehouse.

[quote=“DaveR, post:6, topic:43790”]Where did you get the idea that the Warehouse is expiring soon?

probably this:

Perhaps but that doesn’t say the Warehouse is expiring and it refers to versions older than 2014 which according to the OP’s title is what we’re referring to.

Current (2017-04-28) from the “Pricing & Other Frequently Asked Questions” link at the bottom of page:

Single-user Renewal: $120 USD per year
Single-user Renewal + Reinstatement: $180 USD per year
Single-user Renewal + Reinstatement - Out of support +1 year: $240 USD per year

So @Billy, I’d think since you’ve been out of support more than a year, it’ll be the last price of $240 USD.

Prices change from time to time, so readers should check if reading this thread some time much later.

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Can you guys explain the reinstatement fee? Seems like something that is automated is getting a dollar sign.

I would explain it as a penalty amounting to half of the yearly subscription fee.

I don’t know about that, but the FAQ popup might be in error, as it seems to indicate that the sums will remain the same each year going forward. Ie, each item has a “per year” suffix on it.

@jody, shouldn’t it say for the 2nd and 3rd:

Single-user Renewal + Reinstatement: $180 USD first year ($120 USD per year afterward)
Single-user Renewal + Reinstatement - Out of support +1 year: $240 USD first year ($120 USD per year afterward)

My original licence had a different email address I no longer use. Do you know when I’ll get a chance to change it during the renewal process? tks, Billy

No, I do not. Contact Customer Support.

Thanks Dan, It happened when I signed up to pay.

Do you know what is the new way to edit in place? doesn’t come up on right click as in SU14?
thanks again, BIlly

@Billy, This question was answered in the thread you started on the topic of Edit in place. Edit in place is from a plugin. It isn’t and never was a native part of SketchUp. You don’t need a plugin or extension to edit a component in place, though.

Here’s what I have - see pic

Why don’t you go back to the thread where you originally asked about Edit in place and follow the link Katya gave you?

Extensions you have installed are not automatically installed when you install a new version of SketchUp. You need to install fresh copies of those extensions from their source. Not all extensions come from the Extension Warehouse, either. There are other sources.

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