Upgrading SU 8 to SU 2017

What’s the total upgrade cost from sketchup 8 to sketchup 2017?
Reseller quotes $350

I don’t know if the Upgrade Wizard will work if you bought through a reseller but you can try it.

I tried it but did not work. Sent me to reseller.
Help Center says $120 for upgrade + $60 for enrollment fee = $180, not $350
I’m missing something.

Might be an issue that you waited so long. I think you need to trust the reseller.

I would think resellers always have a markup.

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Markup or surcharge, yes, but the final cost should be the same as with Trimble; that is, resellers should get a discount. That’s a good non discriminative policy to me.
By the way, it seems that on Jan. 25th SU reinstatement fees will be doubled as can be read here:
https://design8.eu/news and here: http://www.see-it-3d.co.uk/sketchuppro/whats-new-sketchup-2017/
Haven’t seen this on Trimble sites. Is it just for resellers? “My” reseller also threatened to raise $100 more for upgrading after that date.
Has anyone upgraded from SU 8 to 2017 out there? I just want to know for sure what it costs from Trimble. I asked them, but they just sent me back to the reseller.

depends on the runtime of the maintenance, resellers are able to sell 1/2/3 years of maintenance which obviuosly leads to a higher price if 2/3 years are choosen:

offic. list price : Upgrade (until 24.01.2017)
• w/ 1 year maint. = U$ 120.-
• w/ 2 years maint. = U$ 215.-
• w/ 3 years maint. = U$ 285.-
plus reinstatement fee if maintenance runtime (+ 30 days) is expired: U$ 60.-

yep, and here: https://www.sketch3d.de/2017/01/sketchup-pro-preis-anpassung/


reinstatement fee will double if maintenance is expired more than 1 year.

Well, thanks a lot for the information, sketch3d_de. I’ll take it as paying for the enhancements done these years.