Reinstatement fee


I have SketchUp 2106 and would like to renew my licence but it is saying I need to pay a reinstatement fee - what is this? And why do I have to pay for it? And does SketchUp now cost per year?

Thanks in advance.


Did you purchase from Trimble directly or through a reseller? You should contact their Customer Support department and ask them to get a direct answer.


directly. I guess I could but I was a little surprised at the reinstatement fee


Customer Support will be able to explain it and get you sorted out.


Thanks I might try that - if I get over the fact that I have to pay for a reinstatement fee


So instead of asking Customer Support to explain the reinstatement fee so you can move on, you’re going to try to get over it first and then contact them? Ok.


yes. $60 reinstatement fee is not sitting well with me right now so I should wait


And stew over it? The Customer Support people will be in the office on Monday during normal business hours Mountain Time. I guess you have a couple of days.


think about it. and customer support is not 24/7?


Here is a page with some information, though not explicitly about why the $60 charge. I will theorize about that in a moment!

If you were renewing within 30 days of the old enrollment it wouldn’t cost you anything. Beyond that, and up to a year, it’s $60, after a year and up to three years it’s $120. Above three years and you have to pay from scratch, $695.

BTW, I don’t work for Trimble, and I’m mostly guessing, so I may be wrong in my logic!

The maintenance charges are an alternative to the old system of paying for an upgrade to SketchUp Pro. Many of us here have paid multiple sets of $95 to upgrade to SketchUp Pro 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and so on. Imagine if you could survive on version 6 for a while, and skip 7, and go straight to 8, if the upgrade had still been $95 everyone would be skipping versions.

Likewise with maintenance, if you managed to skip a year you have saved $120, but to sign up again there’s a charge of $60, and you’re up to date again. You traded a few months of no support for a saving of $60.

Anyway, that’s how I see it. At $60 you’re paying the least you could pay, and are paying $60 less than if you had been continuous.

One thing to check is whether your 2016 maintenance is less than 30 days out of date. That could save you the $60.


A follow up thought, if you’re past 30 days since the previous maintenance ended, and you currently don’t need either v2017 features, or any support at all, you could wait until it’s nearly a year since the 2016 maintenance expired. At that time you would still just pay the $60, and your would have a fresh start that ended 11 months later than if you renewed now. More than likely you would be given a 2018 version by then.

I don’t have any insights as to when v2018 will be ready, but the last couple of updates were around November. That could be a compromise, where you hold off renewing until you’re sure that you would get the 2018 version.


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