Renew now or wait..?

To all,

I just had an e-mail from SU HQ (see below). Slightly confused as it says renew now, but also indicates I have 3/4 weeks prior to expiry. So do I renew now, or can I wait say a week before the expiry date… :confused:

Over & out,

Ps. what’s the reinstatement fee…:confused:

SketchUp Maintenance & Support Expiring Notification

Dear Clayton,

Please do not reply to this email. This is an automatically generated email and replies are not monitored.
Your SketchUp Pro Maintenance & Support agreement for the license/s below is going to expire on 05/21/2016.

Please renew now to avoid reinstatement fee.
The 1-Year of Upgrade, Maintenance and Support will entitle customers to the following benefits: Upgrades to new major versions of SketchUp Pro when they become available, Maintenance releases and Technical support. 

an additional charge if your maintenance lapses…


:laughing::laughing::laughing:…no really…what is it…£

I think it’s still $50US if your paying direct…