How I'm using SketchUp for Nonprofit

I work for a nonprofit that installs rural water utilities in a humanitarian context. I discovered that SketchUp can be a useful design communication tool for overcoming language barriers with coworkers, builders, and donors. I had fun creating section-sweep animations with my models using SketchUp Free online and sharing them with my team. Now that I have Pro, I’ll have to check out the Animator extension…


oh right, I was wondering about the rolling out text and tracing on the ground, it’s simply a section moving in space. mart stuff !

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Nice work. Very effective communication.

Please update your profile to reflect that. :wink:

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It is a bit chaotic to watch these animations with the section planes turned on haha

These are very nicely done and clear.

I hate to seem too picky but often, by convention, gasoline cans are red, diesel cans are yellow, and water cans are blue. That may not be the convention everywhere… I even write “Water Only” on spay bottles to keep potable/safe water separate from contaminated/chemical mixes and even ran PEX to my gardens vs. irrigation piping.

Anyway, maybe changing the cans to blue would be worth it?

Thanks for the comment. Yellow jerrycans are just the most commonly sold ones in the East African markets, which makes them the most commonly used for water fetching. So the animation is just reflecting that reality.

I thought it might be the case that things are done differently there. Great job on the work!

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I’ve also had fun sending SketchUp models to Twinmotion and trying fly-through animations there… but still need more practice.


Keep up the good work!

Another section sweep, this time using a drone-shot photo. A fun way to show design vs. build.


Animating a logo in SU? Why not! This was a great little section sweep practice challenge. Got to love that SU versatility.


Playing around with littering my Layout file with QR codes to SU models/animations.

Finally playing with Fredo6 animator…


I finally built my first DC last week - thanks for all those old skill-builder YT videos!

This one shows how a disinfection water treatment assembly would vary based on design flow. Probably not the final product, but a great start.