Sketch up designer near Dubuque, IA



Hi all,
I am a new user to Sketchup. We are structurally modeling an existing Greenhouse and new aquaponic system for our greenhouse. Due to the intensity of design of the system including piping and electrical runs, this is way past my ability. We would like to find someone with a lot of experience that we could meet with locally or at least use something like Team Viewer program to share desktops as we discuss progress on the modeling…I am available from 10-5pm CST weekdays and anytime weekends…
Is anyone interested in discussing? You can respond through here and I can forward our contact info for further progress…
Sean S.
Dubuque, IA


Hi Sean,

I’m in Rochester, MN so reasonably near Dubuque. and have a little experience with SketchUp. I might be able to help depending on exactly what you need. You can see a few examples of what I’ve drawn in SketchUp here. Send a PM if you wish.


Hi Dave, thanks for the reply…not sure how to PM my contact info on here but I did see some amazing work on you link. Not of the pieces we have are quite that detailed…mostly tanks, fittings, valves, piping (there is a plumbing tool for that, I’ve downloaded it…) wood troughs and insulating panels, wood or metal stands for the tanks, and of course the green house structure/floor plan…
I do have a file that the architect said can be imported into sketch-up for the structure.
We need to model the troughs and all tanks/plumbing, and possibly lighting into the final render. Since the tanks will be gravity fed from one to another they will have to be elevated and we need to make sure we will not run into obstacles like the trusses…
If I can figure out how to pm through here, Ill send you my email address and then we can forward some of the stuff I have done to give you a better idea of the scope…


Sean, to send a PM. Click on my avatar and then “Message”.

And thank you for the compliment.