SketchUp 2D and 3D modeling work wanted by freelancer - Portland, Oregon, USA


I am starting a business in 2 and 3D cad using Sketchup, I will rebuild old plans if needed, and I will go into any home and take measurements
and construct new walls in the plans to make the client happy. I can also take any floor plan and create a 3D model putting all studs into place. I will also install Plumbing and electrical and color code each, I will then put insulation and sheetrock into the walls. I will create the kitchen cabinets and countertops. I also will install Windows and doors as well as flooring. With help from the clients color schemes I can bring their dreams to life in 3 dimensional views. I can then render the image to a more realistic view and finally I can format the image into an animated AVI image so you can walk through with your eyes to see the design before being built. I am willing to go into foreclosures, flipped homes as well as any other type of renovation. I am willing to create floor plans, foundation plans, details, section plans. I am very interested in helping in any way possible. I would also like to sit down and go through what I can offer your business and clients.
I believe there is a story that can be told in the way a person or family opens their minds to the way they bring design to their minds eye.
I am available and I will give you the results you are looking for.


Stephen Mentzer
Portland, OR

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