Kitchen 3d design

I am having problems trying to find work I would love to use Sketchup. Here are a few samples of what I have done. Can anyone lead me to direction I could go.

BROCHURE.pdf (972.0 KB)

DETAIL WALL.pdf (3.0 MB)

Can you be more specific with your request? Are you asking where you can work that uses SketchUp to design / render kitchens? Where are you located? Are you looking to design as well or just model and render? Do you have SketchUp experience or are you starting from scratch?

I am self taught using Sketchup for about last ten years I have tried to get my foot in the door with no luck. I have experience in design and modeling. I can create plans as well. I am located in Portland Oregon

That is why I changed the category, so people who seek, know!
Now, open a new thread in the gallery and show some more!
You can link to that thread in a former post, you know how to edit :slight_smile:

PM sent
please check
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