Looking for custom cabinet designer. Repeat work

My name is Mike from “Mayday’s Custom Woodworks”. My company creates custom cabinetry for customers, and we do a SketchUp for almost every job. I currently do all the SketchUp work myself, and I am looking to hire someone to take all of my SketchUp work going forward. I am willing to pay well for this, depending on your availability, communication, accuracy, and speed.

If you aren’t the fastest SketchUp user, but yet you hit all the other bullet points I will still be willing to consider giving you the job, and increasing your pay as your speed increases.

This job would require-

  • Phone availability
  • Moderate Cabinet Construction Knowledge
  • Moderate Design Sense.
  • Access to a cabinet design software (like GKWare or similar products)
  • Proficiency with Textures and Rendering Prep.

Here is an example

of cabinetry I have personally designed and rendered. The scope of work will be similar to this.

Currently I am needing about 1-3 large designs per month and 2-4 small designs per month, and as my business grows the work load opportunity for SketchUp will increase as well.

Please email me at maydaymike1991@gmail.com for responses to the position.

Hi there,
PM sent, pls check.


Hi Mike
I have all the qualifications you are seeking, with the exception of the Kitchen design software. I do all the doors and drawers custom in SketchUp. I’ve been using SU since version 2. I consider myself to be quite proficient with AutoCAD, SU and Layout and a rendering program you will see on my site.
To see my w inork go to my website, Krupp associates.com.
I use SU in all my projects and am familiar with cabinetry design and Layout.


Hey Mike, sent you a PM.