ISO: SketchUp Design Pro. for custom furniture

How do I search and hire a StetchUp Pro for design plans for a custom Art Deco diningroom set I’d like to have built from shop drawings. Must be proficient in SketchUp for furniture. I’ll provide detailed display and presentation drawings and pictures of the inspiration French and English Art Deco furniture. I’m open to any advice in how to move forward with my endeavor. Thank you!

Asking the question here should do it.
Sometimes it takes a little time for people to respond.
Just make sure you hire someone who has a version of SketchUp Pro or Shop witch would be required for commercial work.

Just a few questions.
Do you already have a design you want built or are all the reference images there because you need someone to help produce a design you have in mind?
Are you the one doing the building of the pieces or are you having a woodworker build them?
How many pieces are you working on here. A dining room set can be a few different things.
How about budget? Time frame?
Not saying you have to post all that here, but just know that custom furniture production drawings aren’t a simple endeavor and budgets are going to be more than just a few hundred dollars from pro’s who know what they are doing.
If you have a small budget you might try looking at Upwork. There may be people that could get the job done for you there.

Thank you for your help and suggestions. Peter

Keith, Thank you for your questions. I have been in involved in the furniture industry for over 30 years we are downsizing to a townhouse within the next year. Each year since my semiretirement I have chosen a new project, last year I wrote a furniture handbook Western Furniture Reference Guide available on Amazon. This year I would like to have produced an Art Deco dining room suite table, chair, buffet, bar, and wine rack. The furniture is complex with straight forward joinery but all five of the pieces have at least one element of a steam bent component. Part of the project will involve having to draw working plans not only the furniture but the bending forms also I have two books on steam bending wood that I can supply. Preparing and planning are a major cost of the project. It is not making the furniture it is what to make which is the hard part. There is no timeline I live in northwest Indiana there are many small and medium woodworking shops within 40 minutes of our home the execution of the project is manageable it is the planning that I have not been able to complete locally. Please find attached images of the Art Deco Bar and drawings of the piece I did not ask the correct questions which cost me money and set back the completion of the project if you are interested in taking on the project please contact me directly- at Thank you. Peter

Thank you for your response. I have started working with someone I hope is proficient with SketchUp Pro, may I keep your contact information in the event the project objective goals are not met and I will be in need of a new software expert, again thank you for your inquiry. Peter Banfich