SketchUp Pro with Layout experience in cabinetry - where to find professionals?

Can anyone recommend on or off list where to post projects / jobs and review people with SketchUp Pro w Layout experience, preferably in cabinetry? Woodweb is a good one but is there a place I might not know about? Thanks! Jon

Try @DaveR
He’s well versed in SketchUp, Layout and Woodworking…


TIG got there first, but I too was going to suggest @DaveR. He’s a frequent and expert contributor to this forum as well as being very knowledgeable about both woodworking and Layout.

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Maybe I can help. Send me a PM with some information.

Thanks to @TIG and @john_mcclenahan for the nice words.

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Well, Dave might be open to offers - I think he is now freelance, after having worked at the Mayo Clinic.

But I see he’s replying himself - I’ll leave the rest to him.

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From what I see, I think I’m not the guy for you. Sorry. I imagine someone else will be able to help, though.

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